Pebble vs Rock

Our you a Pebble or a Rock?

About our Rock Stack Image, it's simple Pebble vs Rock.

Everyone starts as a small pebble as depicted in the image at the top of the rock stack.

With years of experience and training you become more and more stable working your way down from a small pebble that can easily be moved from stress and life situations to a foundation rock.

The more of a rock you become the calmer your life.

We strive to help you become a solid foundation rock so small things in your life are no longer stressful and you become calm and relaxed.

Over the last 60 years I have moved from a pebble that was reactive and easily moved from stress and life events to a solid foundation rock, with a family of seven and being married for over 40 years, I have faced amazing obstacles and stress in my life but by using these calming techniques I have become a Rock for my family, my work and my life.


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