Why You Should Learn To Meditate

Aug 5, 2019
Learn To Meditate

Why You Should Learn To Meditate

Meditation seems to be talked about in every aspect of our community. Schools are adding meditation clubs. Senior Citizens are taking classes on how to meditate. Even hospitals are providing meditation instruction to patients.

Just what is meditation all about? Why should you learn how to mediate?

What Is Meditation?

Simply put, meditation is the process of training your brain to gain focus and calm. With meditation, one becomes better able to process information. There are a variety of techniques one can use to meditate. Just like any form of exercise, when meditation is an ongoing practice it brings the best results.

Why You Should Learn To Meditate

You might think that since meditation “only” involves working with the brain that the results are therefore only in the brain. However, our human bodies are wondrously interconnected systems. Many aches or issues that we might attribute to one body part are really the result of something going wrong in another body part. Because of that, meditation brings better health to all areas of the body.

Here are two primary ways in which meditation improves your health.

Mental Focus The area most people connect with meditation is mental focus. Nearly all human minds have a “monkey mind” tendency, where the mind jumps around from topic to topic. This can make it challenging to stick with a project and get things done. Meditation helps train the brain to stay calm, focused, and attentive to whatever task you wish. It also improves memory.

Stress Relief

So much of life is ‘wasted’ by worrying about the future or re-living the past. The only moment we can take action in is right now – and those moments are precious. Once gone, they are lost forever. Meditation helps a person live more in the ‘now’. Yes, you need to make plans to prepare. You need to learn from the past. Still, there is a balance where most of your energy is invested on living in the current moment the best way you can.

This mindfulness of the present lowers stress levels, which then lowers blood pressure naturally. It releases tension in the shoulder and lower back. It lowers inflammation levels, which increases healing rates. It also creates a cascade of other health benefits. Sleep becomes richer and more rejuvenating. Pain levels decrease.

Meditation is free, easy, and can be done in any location. Even a short time investment can bring noticeable results. Add a daily meditation practice into your life – you’ll be amazed at how it can positively impact every aspect of how you live.

Written by Lisa Shea


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