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Our Mission

I've spent the last 40 years Meditating and I've met thousands of people who all have the same issues with learnign to Meditate. They its hard to get started and focus. I've created a solution that will allow you to focus no matter what is going on. Too much noise, we solved it. Too many people around, we solved it. We focus on showing you the wonders of what Meditation can do. Become at peace and Calm yourself today!

About Calm Yourself Today

I've been creating systems for as long as I can remember, from Aerospace to consumer products, Travel systems and Banking systems. I wanted to give something back and help people really understand what can be done thruogh Meditation. Become at piece with the world and see how it changes you!

Meet Our Founders

Far far away, in the snow covered Sierra Mountains of Northern California, but still near Silicon Valley, lives the expert who created the hardware and software.

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Thomas Jay