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Quickly Learn the basics of Meditation, see how the Calming Disc (Out IoT device) can help you quickly learn the best ways to Meditate based on your Goals.

Install on your iPhone and Take it with You. Use it anytime during the day or night.

Connect to the Calming Disc and watch the lights and feel the vibrations that will help you focus like never before.

Breathing Execrises, Guided Meditation, Affirmations, Calming Music. It's all here for you on one place!


Learn Meditation with the Calming Disc and our Mobile App

With the Calming Disc you can focus in on your Breathing, focus your thoughts and see the results. With our Mobile app you can watch how your body reacts, learn more about Calming and even Chat with Calming Professionals.

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The Rock Pile

Are you a Pebble who can be easily moved or a Foundation Rock standing solid? Its more then a metaphore on life. Learn more about Pebble vs Rock

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Calming Disc and Mobile App

Simply hold the Calming Disc and start the Mobile App. The App will connect to the Disc with a Blue Tooth Connection, it will help guide your Breathing and Meditations. A light Pattern is presented to help present yoru Calming Activity and help focus.


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Use the Mobile app to Chat with a specialist.

Happy Life

Learn some of the secrets to having a Happy Life with the Calming Disc and App.

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Learn about the Calming Disc and Mobile App. Learn what others do to releave stress in thier lives. Learn that you are not hte only one and that life has so many options thru our unique stories and profiles..


Why You Should Learn To Meditate

Meditation seems to be talked about in every aspect of our community. Schools are adding meditation clubs. Senior Citizens are taking classes on how to meditate. Even hospitals are providing meditation instruction to patients...

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Self Esteem

Self esteem is how a person feels about themselves. Most of the time we can be our own worst critics. Not feeling good about how you look or your personality can lead to anxiety when...

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